The Road to Financial Freedom

Can sometimes seem difficult to find. Many people are still struggling to survive and monetary independence is just a dream for many in our current economy. Most people don't know where to start and believe that investing is only for the wealthiest. But if you really want it and are willing to work hard, you have to take the first step and start saving and investing your money.

My First Million

Joining the Community in This Journey To Financial Freedom It's Simple and Free.

Top reasons to follow MFM Trading Team

If you like our trading strategy, you can start following us and copy our trades. By copying the MFM portfolio on eToro, the world's leading social investment platform, you automatically benefit from the profits of our trades and investments.
The strategy is based on the ability to diversify & adapt, and thus be able to obtain consistent profits and minimize the risk. Visit our profile on eToro to know more about our Trading Strategy.
Both our history and our performance are available in real-time on eToro and are updated regularly on our website. Check our statistics, we are sure they will help you make the decision to invest with us.
Although I work full-time as a Web Engineer, investing is more than a hobby for me, it is my passion and an outstanding part-time job in which I invest my money and several hours every day. I manage my portfolio and respond to comments and questions from followers and copiers daily. As a fellow investor, my email is also always available for all your doubts and inquiries.
We regularly share the results we get for the "Copiers". Making good trades for us and our Copiers in our main motivation and their profitability fill us with pride and satisfaction.
And the best part, is that it's free and you can start with as little as $200. Is as simple as that starting this month learning and investing in the stock market.

Why CopyTrading

Copytrading is particularly useful for less experienced Traders, as for those who don't have sufficient time to study, research companies and always keep up with market conditions.


Copy a portfolio in eToro it's simple and completely free


By copying the best investors you can learn at your own pace


You don't have to spend several hours a day analyzing companies


You can buy the best stocks in the world for as low as $ 1


You can invest and earn money while you learn, with just a few hours a week


Interact with other investors and access trading information from anywhere in the world


Investing with more experienced traders is less stressful and reduces your exposure and risk


You can start learning, investing and copying our portfolio on eToro, with just $200

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